Comfort Fabric Conditioner Contest Ended

If clothes could talk... Tell us a story about happy and unhappy clothes.

Contest ended on June 16, 2013
Video - Animation

Please read the entire brief, not just the teaser, in order to understand the challenge and increase your chances of winning!

Imagine a world where clothes are more than just objects, where they can feel, think and express themselves. They feel happy and proud when they look and smell good, especially when they shine like new and are full of fragrance. That’s when they feel great and proud to be a piece of clothing... to make you look and feel good. Sadly clothes have moments when they feel down too, especially after they are washed with detergent alone, which might remove stains but could also hurt them and make them look old, tired and dull. A lot of unhappy clothes are created every day when people wash them using detergent alone.

Tell us an engaging and entertaining story from the clothes’ perspective, illustrating how adding Comfort fabric conditioner to your laundry makes clothes happy, giving them a like new shine and fragrance that no detergent alone could ever give.

Format: Video/animation of 30 to 60 seconds