Pepsi Taste Contest Ended

Find THE idea that will finally show the world that Pepsi tastes great!

Start February 18, 2013 End March 11, 2013 23:59 UTC Deliberation Results June 2013
February 18, 2013
March 11, 2013 23:59 UTC
April 2013


Do you like Pepsi? In blind tastings, Pepsi is often said to have a unique and absolutely delicious taste.

But you know how it is… some people follow the crowd and are unwilling to change. Others prefer to be different, to shake things up!

We believe people become used to drinking a certain brand of cola and are not keen on changing out of habit. Others may not ever have given Pepsi a try, and yet others simply do not notice it next to all the other brands. We want to emphasize the idea that Pepsi drinkers break conventions and do things their way. They choose Pepsi for one reason – the great taste !

So wake up! You like Pepsi too!

Besides doing TV advertising, running free tastings and simply telling people that Pepsi tastes better, we are looking for innovative new ideas to get people to discover for themselves how great Pepsi tastes. Imagine you want to convince a crowd of people that Pepsi is great - can you come up with an interesting concept to establish Pepsi as the best option?

Creative Challenge

So rack your brains and help us to find THE amazing new idea to show people that Pepsi really tastes great!

You need to show us how you will communicate the great taste of Pepsi to the world. Your concept could utilize different types of media, it could be a game, an in-store promotion... or any even better ideas, maybe a combination of approaches that will really grab people's attention and convince them that Pepsi tastes great!

TIPS: Do you know about the Pepsi Challenge?

Over the past few years, Pepsi have been using an innovative new marketing concept to show customers how great the product tastes. The challenge originally took the form of a taste test. At malls, shopping centers and other public locations, a Pepsi representative would set up a table with two identical cups: one containing Pepsi and one with another cola. Shoppers were encouraged to taste both colas, and then select which drink they preferred. The representative would then reveal the two bottles so the customer could see whether the cola they chose was Pepsi or the other brand. The results of the test leaned toward a consensus that Pepsi was preferred by more Americans. The Pepsi Challenge has also been used for advertising on television, in supermarkets etc.

This should give you an idea of the kind of concept that we are looking for - not exactly the same one, of course! Your idea should be really modern and utilize the potential opportunities that the internet and social media networks provide.


Jury's Prize

  • #1 Prize €3,000
  • #2 Prize €1,500
  • #3 Prize €1,000


Presentations with pictures or illustrations and text.

Winning Criteria

We will award entries that have the strongest concept. The quality of the execution is not too important - what really matters is the freshness and originality of the idea!


Guidelines for this contest

  • Keep in mind the personality of the Pepsi brand: entertaining, youthful, epic, feisty, mischievous.
  • Your concept should be humorous or at least light-hearted. Pepsi drinkers shake things up!
  • We’re looking for something unconventional that hasn’t already been done. Make something new, we want to be surprised!
  • Do not use brand comparison or mention any other beverage brand.
  • You can use the assets provided in the toolkit.
  • Your idea can be submitted in English or in Spanish.

eYeka standard guidelines

  • Do not show any personal details in the entry (name, contact number, e-mail address, etc.).
  • Keep the source files / working files of your entry until the winners have been announced as they may be needed.
  • Your participation must comply with the rules you accepted when you joined the contest.
  • Your entry has to be your own work to be considered into the contest. If you have included protected elements (music, photographs, designs, fonts, etc.), make sure to fill in the Legal Information section when you upload. You may be asked to provide the authorizations and licenses to use such elements.
  • You must be able to provide the written authorizations from each of the authors and actors who have contributed to the entry.
  • Do not depict sexual, violent, religious, political content or any illicit content as per the rules.
  • Any entry that fails to comply with these rules will not be considered for the contest.