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Resume of the contest

Imagina cómo las funcionalidades de Samsung pueden tener un gran impacto en tu vida.

Samsung es un inventor incansable. Sus descubrimientos ayudan a la gente y la inspira a experimentar nuevas posibilidades. El lema de Samsung es: "Designed For" (o sea en español “Diseñado para”). Significa que ellos diseñan productos y crean funcionalidades PARA ti, para realmente ayudarte en tu vida diaria a completar las tareas que te importan. Recientemente, Samsung ha inventado dos nuevas funcionalidades para sus Smart Phone (teléfonos inteligentes) que rompen moldes: S Pen y Smart Stay. Independientemente de si posees un Smart Phone Samsung o no, vale la pena hablar de estas dos funcionalidades. Es por ello que necesitamos tu talento creativo.

Crea una historia atractiva y original acerca de cómo el S Pen o el Smart Stay pueden tener un gran impacto en tu vida, con el espíritu del lema de Samsung “Designed For”.

Formato: Video y animación de no mas de 30 segundos.

3 Winners 34 Contributors 38 Media Accepted 16 Countries 9 Languages

Samsung Samsung

We appreciated the original and humorous way used to illustrate the technology of the S Pen. A good creative example of “Designed For”.

Jury's Prize Winners

Selection by Samsung

keongjin_so #1 Prize
keongjin_so 0 Creative Score
  • Graphic Design
  • Video
  • Animation
South Korea

#1 Prize of €10,000

FlorentSabatier #2 Prize
FlorentSabatier 80 Creative Score
  • Video

#2 Prize of €5,000

I really enjoyed this contest because there were so many possibilities and I always like to brainstorm in order to find the most creative answer. I'm really proud of my prize and I would like to thanks all Samsung and eYeka team for that.

jpamplo #3 Prize
jpamplo 10 Creative Score
  • Graphic Design
  • Video
  • Animation

#3 Prize of €2,500

I'm sooo glad about this prize. I really love to do this kind of video by frame animation and it's great to know that other people liked it. And I have a Samsung Note so I really know how useful it is, and I enjoy drawing and creating preview for my finals projects with my Note. It´s the first time that I win an eYeka award, I hope this will be the beginning for future works. I also wish you people can know me and meet other people that love design and image creation as much as I do. From Madrid thanks again. I'm sorry for my really poor English :)

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