Go Do Something Wonderful Contest Ended

Show us how a personal computer empowers people to go do something wonderful!

Contest ended on February 17, 2013
Graphic Design - Video - Animation

Alert: you must read the whole brief to understand the challenge, not only the teaser.

Personal computer (PC) today has become an essential part of people’s lives. People use it to work, communicate, create and do all kinds of wonderful things.

However, there are still millions of people in the world who have not bought their first PC (in India, China, Brazil, Indonesia, some African countries and many other places around the world). They are getting familiar with PCs through using them at Internet café, friend’s or work. They are still hesitating to buy their own PC because they cannot envision how it could change their lives, their families' or the communities they live in.

Through a refreshingly unique, engaging and original creation, show us how a personal computer can empower someone to do something wonderful, for himself/herself or others and inspire people to take actions.

Video/animation 17, 27 or 42 seconds; illustration or photography