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Bagaimana Santa Claus mengirimkan banyak hadiah dalam satu malam?

Saatnya Natal lagi! Pada 24 Desember, di semua tempat di dunia, Santa Claus akan mengirimkan hadiah ke anak-anak yang berkelakuan baik sepanjang tahun. Tetapi tidak semua orang percaya akan Santa... Apakah dia benar-benar ada? Lagi pula, bagaimana seseorang bisa mengirim banyak hadiah ke banyak orang di waktu bersamaan? Sebuah merek minuman soda terkenal mewakili pengiriman Santa dengan konvoi truk yang menakjubkan, tetapi kami pikir Santa kini memiliki cara yang lebih baik untuk mengunjungi orang-orang... apalagi dengan adanya masalah jejak karbon!

Kejutkan kami dengan visual yang indah, orisinil, dan lucu yang menunjukkan bagaimana Santa bisa mengirimkan hadiah ke semua anak-anak di dunia pada Malam Natal!

Format: Gambar, ilustrasi.

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I found this contest by accident, but never for a moment regretted my participation in it. I live in a small town, where on Christmas, we traditionally dress up the trees in the square and the parks, and the children don't really believe in Santa Claus……but this contest is like pulling me back to my childhood!! Because all of us remain as children inside!! I remembered a story: when I was a kid, my parents hid my Christmas gifts in the most secluded place that I had never found them earlier, and then one day they hid the gifts under the sink in the kitchen, and 2 hours before new year, I looked in there and found a huge set of young physician toys! My joy knew no boundaries, and my parents told me that Santa Claus could not fit in the window, so he froze the pipes and with the help of the elves rolled my gift in parts right under the sink. This story seems naive to me now, but back then I was ecstatic, and the festival was magical. And so the idea of the picture was born. It's so cool if there's a miracle in our every day's lives. It gives us eYeka Community!!

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