Healthy Adults Contest Ended

Show us how healthy adults can continue to get the most out of life.

Contest ended on October 07, 2012
Illustration - Creative Writing - Label & Package Design

Some say 50 is the new 40!.. What this suggests is that older adults want to remain fit and healthy even as they continue to age.

We have just invented a new product for healthy adults around 50. It is a “body & mind fuel” available as a 100ml pouch. It is scientifically proven to replace nutrients lost as a result of aging and boost memory and mental functioning.

We want you to tell us a story about how taking this new “body & mind fuel” helps healthy around 50 stay healthy and continue to get the most out of life.

Give this product a name, tell us what flavors it comes in, show us how and when it is consumed.

Format: Illustrations, print with explanations, cartoons, storyboards, presentations.