Schick Quattro Titanium Razor Contest Ended

Show us how “Titanium” can give you an unexpected edge

Contest ended on October 24, 2012
Graphic Design - Video - Animation

Titanium is an amazing metal. It is as strong as steel but 42% lighter, so titanium “iron man” will be much more nimble but still as strong as he needs to be. It is inert so that it can keep its property for longer. This makes it more durable and long lasting than steel or many other metals. So if you get a titanium antique and find it doesn’t look as old as it is supposed to be, don't be surprised, you might still get an authentic one.

Being so strong and durable, Titanium actually has the potential to change you and your life, when you need it.

Show us an engaging, masculine, humorous  or emotional moment when Titanium can give you an unexpected edge by transforming an object in your life into a stronger and more durable “Titanium” version.

FORMAT: Video/animations up to 60 seconds, pictures, illustrations, photographs.