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Inspire young adults to realize their personal best and make things happen in their lives.

Start September 07, 2012 End September 20, 2012 23:59 UTC Deliberation Results December 2012
September 07, 2012
September 20, 2012 23:59 UTC
November 2012


07 Sep 03:57

As you are developing your entries, here are some examples of activities that may inspire you:

• Events where people could get exposed to and try different sports over a week or weekend and they could win free year-long sports classes to the one they really enjoy the most.

• Maybe it’s a series of talent shows – music, artistic, culinary, physical or mental challenges that inspire young adults to discover their hidden talents.

Games that help young adults find fulfilling jobs/careers or expose the to meaningful experiences that allow them to make things happen in their lives.

But please do remember that you shouldn't restrict your idea to these examples and follow them straight away. These are just to help you to get started.



Young adults in Indonesia, and all over the world are optimistic about their lives. Many are making a conscious decision to actively make things happen in their lives. They are not afraid to try new things and are inspired to achieve their desires. Whether it’s expressing a talent, discovering something new about themselves or pushing themselves to perform at their personal best. These young adults are inspired and dynamic, creating their personal journeys and creating their lives.

Mizone, from Danone embraces this attitude. It’s a drink for those who understand that to realize their full potential, they need to be at their personal best in their body, mind and mood. These young adults are focused on living life on their own terms. Because they understand that life is not only about where your body can take you, it’s about where your mind will lead you. These young adults share Mizone’s belief - to live is to become!

Creative Challenge

Your challenge is to create an activity that engages young adults and propels them to be at their personal best and make things happen in their lives. Your ideas can take the form of engaging games, events, activities either online or offline.

We are looking for active and engaging ideas that move young adults to reach their personal best. Let your imagination run free, think about activities that allow young people to discover their talents, to realize their aspirations or to boldly create self-defining experiences. Examples can be about trying things you have been dreaming of for sometime without ever trying, challenges that push you perform at your potential or games that invite you to tap the hidden artistic, cultural, social or environmental skills within.


Think about your own life… think about how you make your own decisions. How empowered you feel when you push and surprise yourself by achieving things you never thought possible. Tap into that feeling and bring it to life. You are free to come up with ideas that move young adults living in the same area or big ideas that move young adults in a country or even globally. Your ideas can take the form of games, experiences, activities, events either online, mobile or offline (in the real world).


Jury's Prize*

  • #1 Prize €1,500 up to €3,000
  • #2 Prize €750 up to €1,500
  • #3 Prize €250 up to €500

* Jury’s Prizes reflect the brand’s decision to acquire Intellectual Property. When no intellectual property is acquired, eYeka guarantees that 50% of the full Prize amount is awarded. When the brand acquires the intellectual property rights to the entries, the full amount is awarded.


Print, storyboards, illustrations, photographs, sketches with explanations.

Winning Criteria

We are looking for original and creative ideas that invite young adults to reach their personal best. Ideas that make young people feel inspired and dynamic when they know that life is not what happens to them, but about what they make happen in their lives. You are free to come up with games, events, activities, experiences (online, mobile or offline) or any ideas that are engaging.

Your ideas could be turned into a promotional campaign for Mizone Waters.


Specific guidelines for this Contest

· Please answer this question when you submit your entry: “Tell us what it means to you to be at your personal best.” Be as descriptive as possible.

· It is not mandatory, but you are free to use the Mizone logo in your entry. If you choose to use it, please download it here.

· This is not a serious brand, please keep in mind Mizone is witty, forwarding looking and friendly.

· To read more about Mizone’s belief, please download pdf here.

· Entries accepted in English or Bahasa Indonesia or any other language with English subtitles (NOTE: For Indonesian creators, please create your entry in Bahasa Indonesia instead of English).

eYeka standard guidelines

· Your media has to be your own creation to be considered into the contest.

· You must have obtained written permission from each of the authors who have contributed to the media.

· If you have used elements (music, photographs, designs, etc.) that are not yours, please state in your media description whether or not the music and/or image(s) you used is/are your own creation and provide links to the license granting you the rights of using it.

· eYeka will ask you to provide written proofs or a copy of all written documents confirming such authorizations enabling eYeka and its clients to use the media pursuant to the terms of the Rules of the contest.

· Media that does not comply with these rules will not be considered for the contest.

· Keep a high-quality version of your creation to be used if you are selected as a winner. Do not show any personal details in the entry (name, contact number, e-mail address etc.)