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Bring the eYeka story to life, creatively.

We at eYeka believe that co-creation is creating a better world. It can really help brands, organizations, individuals and society with their problems to create a better future for all. We want people to understand it and believe in it. That is why we need your help to express that story in a visually engaging, memorable way: an animation or a video that we could show anyone and put online for all to enjoy and pass on.

Tell the eYeka story in a visually creative, thought-provoking and engaging way so that everyone will understand how eYeka and co-creation can change the world for the better.

Format:Animation or video under 60 seconds.

1 Winners 34 Contributors 39 Media Accepted 21 Countries 5 Languages

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gregork #1 Prize
gregork 0 Creative Score
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United States

#1 Prize of €3,500


It’s the most complete description of what eYeka does (It is close to the sequential process of what we do and how it benefits people) and it managed to simplify a complex story while keeping a good pace with an engaging narrative and visual style.


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