Sunsilk Combing Cream Innovation Contest Ended

Create the next generation of Sunsilk’s combing creams.

Contest ended on March 19, 2012
Illustration - Creative Writing - Label & Package Design

Women are passionate about looking after their hair; it is a big part of their appearance, self expression and the ultimate fashion accessory. If your hair looks and feels nice then you feel good.

Combing creams are the kind of products that give women confidence. Applied on damp hair after a shower, its creamy texture hydrates the hair, helping all types of hair look stylish and soft. Combing creams help manage hair and ensure it keeps its shape.

Your challenge: Imagine the next generation of Sunsilk combing creams that will give even more satisfaction and benefits to women!

Through a PowerPoint presentation, a design, an illustration or some pictures, bring to life your idea. Think about why women would like it; think about the packaging, format, ritual, recipes, scent or anything else.