Frutz Contest Ended

Show us how Frutz uplifts your mood with exuberant fun!

Start February 07, 2012 End February 27, 2012 23:59 UTC Deliberation Results August 2012
February 07, 2012
February 27, 2012 23:59 UTC
April 2012


Frutz is a refreshing fruit drink with a refreshing taste, thanks to its real orange juice content. Drinking Frutz will uplift your mood; offering an exciting time, filled with exuberant fun for you and your friends. 

Creative Challenge

Stretch your creativity by showing us a surprisingly exhilarating moment when Frutz uplifts your mood with exuberant fun.

Don't hesitate to be over dramatic. You can create a moment that is absolutely imaginary. Make our jaw drop and surprise us with fresh and extraordinary ideas. 

You might find inspiration from movies, TV dramas or cartoons. Or from a real life moment that happened to you and your friends. Think about anything fun that happened when you feel “refreshed” and in an “uplifted mood”, it can be something creative but with quirky and expressive fun where you can feel an exhilarating playfulness: 

e.g. you start rapping and create a tongue twisting song, or you start juggling with bottles or oranges that you pass around, creating a mass juggling performance between you and your friends. 


Jury's Prize

  • #1 Prize €5,000
  • #2 Prize €3,000
  • #3 Prize €2,000


Format: storyboards, videos and animations (not more than 60 secs)


PRIZES:  10,000 €

1st Prize: € 5,000

2nd Prize: € 3,000

3rd Prize:  € 2,000



Start Date: 7 February 2012, 14:00 (UTC)

End Date: 27 February 2012, 23:59 (UTC)

Winning Criteria

We are looking for out-of-the-box, unexpected ideas that are fun and playful. Make us laugh and surprise us. 

Your idea will inspire Frutz's future TV commercials.

  • Language: English or Bahasa Indonesia (or other languages with subtitles)
  • The tone and manner should be upbeat and cheerful, and this should be reflected on everything in your work. If there’s a piece of music it should also be upbeat, cheerful and sing-along type.
  • Please provide an explanation of your idea with your entry (what’s the rationale? why this happens; etc.)
  • You may use the brand colours - Reflex Blue and Orange 166C, in your entries