Mikado Time! Contest Ended

It’s Mikado time!

Start January 17, 2012 End February 07, 2012 23:59 UTC Deliberation Results March 2012
January 17, 2012
February 07, 2012 23:59 UTC
March 2012


There are things in life that seem to be perfectly made for a certain moment. These moments are: enjoying a warm cup of tea by the fireplace, with your loved one after a walk in the forest… Sharing a pizza with your friends while watching a football game on TV… Indulging yourself with a huge ice-cream while lying on the couch on a rainy Sunday evening… Nibbling chocolate bars while driving in order to make time pass faster…

These treats seem to be made for these specific moments. Mikado, also known as Pocky outside Europe, a brand of thin and delicious chocolate sticks is one such treat.

What is the perfect situation to enjoying Mikado, the thin and delicious chocolate stick?

Creative Challenge

It’s Mikado time! Imagine the ideal situation where Mikado will be the perfect treat!

Tell us in which circumstances you like to enjoy Mikado, these delicious crunchy biscuits?

Show us why they are so special and how they fit perfectly with the occasion you are describing. Tell us when, where, how and with whom (or without who…) you like to nibble Mikado.

Through PowerPoint presentations, photos, sketches, illustrations or videos/ animations, build up your personal Mikado time. For some people Mikado must be eaten while travelling, on a bus or a train because the pack is so small and convenient that you can carry it everywhere. For others Mikado would be ideally eaten at work because you can share it with colleagues. Some like Mikado because it makes wonderful decoration for cakes and pies… These are examples and you are free to give us your personal way of having Mikado!


Jury's Prize

  • #1 Prize €2,500
  • #2 Prize €1,500
  • #3 Prize €1,000


PowerPoint presentations, photos, illustrations, sketches, videos or animations (30 sec length max.)

Winning Criteria

We want to understand what role Mikado plays in your life. Even if you are very familiar with this biscuit, we would like you to imagine, from what you know of Mikado or Pocky, how, when, with whom and where you might want to eat it.

We are looking for stories rather than just images and slogan.

Please use media description to describe your Mikado moment.


- Please keep in mind the personality of those fabulous biscuits: Mikado is quirky and fun. It’s light-hearted and pleasurable. It is not too serious, neither ironic nor refined.

- To help you getting in touch with the brand, please watch the videos on the contest page.

- Use “Mikado” rather than “Pocky” in your entry.

- To help you create your media, please use assets provided here.

- Please use images and music that are free of rights. Keep a high-quality version of your creation to be used if you are selected as a winner.

- Your entry must be in English, or French, or in any other language if it’s English subtitled.

- Please tell us a real, yet realistic story of your personal moment with Mikado.

Your moment should be repeatable and not just once in a life time.