Gemalto, the smart card Contest Ended

Start November 03, 2011 End November 25, 2011 23:59 UTC Deliberation Results January 2012
November 03, 2011
November 25, 2011 23:59 UTC
February 2012
If your card had a screen, what would you like the screen to display?


Gemalto is an international digital security company, providing secure personal devices such as smart cards, tokens and device management services to make digital interactions easy and convenient.

The company has developed a very high tech and innovative banking card fitted with a Display. The payment card has a digital screen which can be managed by a keypad.

For now it has three functionalities on top of payment function:

- Securing online transactions : The display card generates One Time Passwords on the screen which allow you to secure your online transactions
- Checking your payment account by displaying information such as your account balance, last transactions
- Receiving messages from your bank

The Display card can be not only a credit card, but more generally a payment card:

- Banking card (debit card, credit card, prepaid card)
- Transport card (your Navigo pass, Oyster)
- Private payment card (payment card in closed loop)
- Gift card


Unleash your creativity to bring to life this new card and figure how the digital screen could help you in your daily life. Think about new uses of the payment card, new functionalities, new services and everything that you expect from this kind of card and this type of display. Go beyond the traditional uses of payment cards (credit, debit, gift…) to imagine breakthrough changes and possibilities.

Allow yourself to go far into innovative functionalities… Think about saving data, personalization, connecting with your peers, transportation, promotions…


Although we want innovative and useful ideas, we also want to stay realistic. So no teletransportation card!


Submit your idea in a visual way with an explicative text (to insert in your media description): .ppt, .pptx, .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .png, .tif, .tiff, .bmp

Winning Criteria:

We will select entries that would describe best the functionalities of the new card and that would meet unmet needs.

PRIZES: 5000 €

5 prizes of € 1,000


Start Date: November 3, 2011 @ 18:00 (UTC)
End Date: November 25, 2011 @ 23:59 (UTC)


Contestants undertake to submit creative and original works.
Contestants warrant that they hold all rights upon submitted works and warrant that the use of the works in the contest does not violate any third parties' rights.
Contestants acknowledge that in case of breach of these rules, the organizer shall be entitled to deem their participation and the prize granting as void.


Jury's Prize

  • #1 Prize €1,000
  • #2 Prize €1,000
  • #3 Prize €1,000
  • #4 Prize €1,000
  • #5 Prize €1,000