Invent a healthy, tasty, fun snack for kids! Contest Ended

Start October 17, 2011 End November 07, 2011 23:59 UTC Deliberation Results June 2012
October 17, 2011
November 07, 2011 23:59 UTC
January 2012



Given the choice, children prefer to snack on a chocolate bar or chicken nuggets than an apple. Healthy snacks are seen as boring, not tasty and certainly not fun. Unsurprisingly, childhood obesity has now become a major health issue in many countries, not to mention all the problems related to obesity that develop later in life when one starts developing unhealthy eating habits since young.


Your challenge is to stretch your creativity and come up with a brand new snack for kids that is healthy, tasty and fun! A snack that kids would love to eat and parents would love to buy.

Consider not only the snack, but also its packaging and its name.

You might find inspiration in your region or country, but try to invent for everyone in the world. To help you find innovative ideas, you might want to think about totally unrelated products or brands that convey health, good taste or fun as main benefits!

Winning Criteria: We are looking for snack ideas that are new and original, not something that already exists. A snack that could be sold in supermarkets, convenience stores or at food stalls on the street.


- With your entry, please write a few lines as to what makes you think this is a snack that is healthy, tasty and fun and something that kids would enjoy.
- Your entry can be in English, French, Chinese, Korean, or Bahasa Indonesia.


Contestants undertake to submit creative and original works.
Contestants warrant that they hold all rights upon submitted works and warrant that the use of the works in the contest does not violate any third parties' rights.
Contestants acknowledge that in case of breach of these rules, the organizer shall be entitled to deem their participation and the prize granting as void.


Jury's Prize

  • #1 Prize USD1000 (€800)
  • #2 Prize USD1000 (€800)
  • #3 Prize USD1000 (€800)
  • #4 Prize USD1000 (€800)
  • #5 Prize USD1000 (€800)