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Start April 14, 2011 End May 29, 2011 21:59 UTC Deliberation Results July 2011
April 14, 2011
May 29, 2011 21:59 UTC
July 2011
Bring Male Beauty to Life the Asian way!

We all have different ideas of what qualifies a man as charismatic, good looking or handsome but one thing is for sure: taking care of your skin is a good way to look good for anyone. Across the World, we have identified 4 male beauty types based on their attitude to beauty: Mr. A, Mr. B, Mr. C and Mr. D.

Your challenge:

Pick one male beauty type and bring it to life as an Asian from your cultural perspective. Create a 30 to 60 seconds video or animation that shows an “Asian Mr.” in his own world. Who is he? How does his day look like? What does he do? What is his beauty routine?

Your “Asian Mr.” must be inspired by your cultural background. What made your “Asian Mr.” uniquely different from someone in the other countries? It could be his belief, his attitude, his lifestyle or his personality etc.

Do’s and Don’t:

- Choose one male beauty type from the beauty types below (A, B, C or D) and put yourself in his shoes.
- Your creation should reflect his personality and attitude.
- Your work should not only focus on external beauty and beauty regime, but also focus on inner beauty and health.
- Show us someone that is culturally relevant to your country.
- Your “Asian Mr.” could be of any age.
- We welcome female participants, bring your interpretation about these male beauty archetypes.

Inspire your viewers to want to be beautiful, and to take care of their skin and appearance.

NOTE: Contest is strictly open to participants reside in Asia.

The 4 Male Beauty Types

Mr. A
Mr. A stands out in his chosen crowd, but he’s not an outlier. Everything he does is about catching your eye with his unique style and attention to detail. He is independent, outgoing and confident. He has built his reputation by gaining the attention—but not necessarily the approval— of others. Some of his friends might call him showy, but that’s not his intent. He wants to be seen as new, different and imaginative—even a bit of a risk taker because of his eye for the latest trends and how to interpret them in his own way. His style is uniquely his own and it permeates every aspect of his life. He may or may not have facial hair, as long as it looks good. Mr. A wants his grooming products to help him look unique and irresistible so he can feel like a winner.
Mr. B
Mr. B is a traditional guy with a no-nonsense grooming style—a gentleman whose main concern is presenting himself in a professional manner that demonstrates respect for himself and others. Guided by a strong moral compass, Mr B is traditional in his beliefs and values order and control. His unselfish and humble service to others adds true meaning to his life. He works hard at his career, methodically setting short- and long-term goals, because that’s what professionals do. His style is classic and understated, driven by traditional standards of what he believes to be good grooming practice so that he looks always “presentable”, that is well-groomed and clean at all times. Shaving is the central part of his focused grooming routine, simply because of the clean and refined end result and because he likes to feel fresh and re- energized. Mr B likes to look clean and professional so that he can feel respected.

Mr. C
Mr. C is a true image master. He has a personality that thrives in social situations and an attractive grooming style that makes him desirable — not pretty but very approachable. He is driven to excel. He wants to be the kind of man that other men aspire to be and that women want to be seen with. Mr. C’ s personality exudes confidence, but he’s not cocky or abrasive. He strives for and values achievement, not bullying or deceit. His most attractive quality is his sincere desire to make a real connection with others through his outgoing and ambitious character— making him irresistibly charismatic. Mr. C takes great care when he grooms. It’s all about enhancing himself, because he knows that so much depends on how he looks. He is always searching for the best grooming solutions, especially for his skin—because healthy skin is attractive. Mr C wants to look perfect to that he can feel admired and desired.

Mr. D
Mr. D believes in keeping his life uncomplicated, stable and well balanced. He values honesty, practicality and frugality. He is as comfortable in his own skin as he is in his favorite t-shirt and worn-in jeans and has no interest in dressing up just to impress others or to fit anyone’s expectations of how he should look or conduct himself. If there is a simple and quick way to get something done, especially when it comes to grooming, he’s all over it. But he is not lazy—he just believes there are more important things in life. Mr D wants an acceptable appearance with the minimum amount of effort necessary to achieve it. All he wants are the basics. After all, grooming is a bit of a chore for him and he looks forward to getting it all done and moving on to other things. He defines himself by who he is and how he acts, not by how he looks so he can feel free to focus on his life.


Best Video/Animation for Mr. A: USD 2,500
Best Video/Animation for Mr. B: USD 2,500
Best Video/Animation for Mr. C: USD 2,500
Best Video/Animation for Mr. D: USD 2,500


30 – 60 seconds video/animation


Start Date:
15th April 2011

End Date:
29th May 2011 11:59 PM GMT+1


- Minimum 640x480 .mov; *.avi; *.mpg; *.mpeg; *.flv; *.wmv; *.3gp; *.mp4; *.vob; *.avs; *.mts; *.m2ts
- Encoding: MPEG 4, H.264, XVID, Video Rate: 400 kb/s minimum
- Audio Rate: 64 kb/s
- Duration of your work should be 30-60 seconds
- If you are selected as a winner, you must supply the original working files in 720p and 1080p High Definition version, so make sure to keep an HD or uncompressed MOV version of your work.


- If you’re using text/subtitles in your work, it must be in English
- No restrictions on the number of submissions per participant
- Entries must be original and exclusive to the participant, true and verifiable
- You MUST use music and images that are rights-free. It is your duty to ensure that all elements you use do not infringe any copyrights. Please include the following statement on your media description bloc once you have uploaded your work: “All elements used in part or in whole have rights cleared for usage in the Asian Male Beauty Type Call for Entries”
- eYeka Asia has the right to reject entries containing obscene, racist, unethical, dangerous, violent or legally objectionable material, or material that may infringe upon any person’s personal or property rights. Such entries will be immediately disqualified and not allowed on the Call for Entries.

Entries that do not meet the above listed criterion will be disqualified. For any further questions, please send an email to:


Jury's Prize

  • #1 Prize Prize for Mr. A (€1,900)
  • #2 Prize Prize for Mr. B (€1,900)
  • #3 Prize Prize for Mr. C (€1,900)
  • #4 Prize Prize for Mr. D (€1,900)