Imagine experiences that will allow household products to be relevant and authentic in the metaverse!

Contest ended on July 17, 2022
Illustration - Creative Writing

Nowadays it seems everyone’s talking about the “ and calling it the “next big thing”.But if we think about it, we already have many elements of this new world in our lives online video games that are made up of virtual worlds, digital concerts, video calls with people from all over the world, online avatars, and commerce platforms But what’s new? People often refer to fictional stories like Ready Player. One which portrays a virtual world where everyone works, plays, and shops. Now, what used to be fiction has become a reality.

The metaverse is about an experience of virtual and augmented realities where users can connect, play, and exchange transactions. In the metaverse, people use avatars to represent themselves, communicate with each other, and virtually build out the community. Those virtual worlds expand our real-world capabilities from buying things using digital currencies like Bitcoins, Dogecoins, or Ethereum, or traveling across time and space using virtual reality technologies.

Many brands successfully embarked on representing themselves in the metaverse, creating engaging experiences with their products in the digital world. Some are launching their own cryptocurrency, opening virtual stores, or interacting with their customers on their favourite online games... The metaverse is a whole new world to conquer and some brands just don’t know how to adapt to this new, digital world.

Can you inspire them with amazing experience ideas they can offer in the metaverse?

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