Nescafé: Instant Coffee Contest Ended

Make Nescafe instant coffee the most desired and most enjoyed coffee for younger UK consumers!

Contest ended on April 12, 2021
Illustration - Creative Writing

Nescafe is the world’s leading coffee brand and is known to virtually everyone around the world as a symbol of quality, taste and convenience.  Whether it’s a mid-morning pick-me-up, or a mid-afternoon keep-me-going, Nescafe has established itself as the go-to instant coffee brand the world over and, for many, is the “first step” into the world of coffee.

But times are changing and the category, and brands like Nescafe, are under threat.  Younger consumers (i.e. people in their twenties) see instant coffee as convenient, but cheap and prefer instead to choose out-of-home coffee brands for a better experience and more premium product with different flavour options. 

This is a major challenge for all instant coffee brands, but especially Nescafe, and they need your help to turn back the tide.

What could Nescafe do to engage with these younger consumers and get closer to them?

Today Nescafe invites you to join the journey and help make Nescafe the most desired, most enjoyed instant coffee for younger consumers! Are you up for the challenge?

Come up with a creative and innovative activation idea that Nescafe can use to make their instant coffee brands: Nescafe Original, Nescafe Gold Frothy & Nescafe Azera a more appealing beverage option to younger consumers in the UK.

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