Milka Easter Chocolate Innovation Contest Ended

Create a new and exciting Milka Easter Chocolate to thrill kids!

Contest ended on May 10, 2020
Graphic Design - Creative Writing

During Easter, the festivities often centre on chocolate – doing an Easter Egg hunt for the younger kids (3-11), giving out small gifts among the family, or putting together an Easter basket if the kids are a bit older. These rituals are filled with joy and laughter, as well as lots of colourful eggs and chocolate bunnies!

Chocolate shaped figures are universal symbols of the season, and add a great Easter feel to any Easter celebration. The bunny is the hero and the first sign in stores that Easter is approaching. When deciding what to buy, parents want something to thrill the kids, something that suits the Easter occasion and it’s got to be something the kids will like! For younger kids, being exciting and thrilling is really important, while older kids are more concerned about brand, flavor and their personal chocolate preferences.

The Milka bunny is a traditional icon at Easter. It’s often people’s favorite as it reminds them of their own childhoods and has sentimental value. But the Milka Bunny has seen an increasing number of chocolate products competing for kids’ attention at Easter.

We need your creativity to imagine new chocolate shape characters that excite kids. Can you help?

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