Tattoo After Care Pack Design 5 days left

If Bepanthen were to introduce Tattoo After Care, how would you design the pack?

5 days left
Graphic Design - Label & Package Design

Bepanthen is the leading medicated skin care brand in Europe and is sold all over the world. It has 3 main families of products - for Irritated Skin, Wounded Skin & Baby Skin.

Depending on the country, around 40% of Millennials are inked up with 1 or more tattoos. Most tattooees are urban and middle class, so it has become a mainstream phenomenon. They see tattoos as a form of personal expression – to signal to the world they are unique. Some even get a tattoo to surreptitiously define their identity. As with any artistic expression, there are many styles that come and go, and vary across countries, but most people start with a simple, discreet tattoo.

In countries as diverse as Italy, the Netherlands, the UK and Brazil, Tattoo Artists have been recommending Bepanthen ointment to their clients to help newly tattooed skin heal better, and for ongoing care. Bepanthen wasn’t intended for tattoos, but this grassroots realization has prompted some exciting thinking!

Bepanthen is currently exploring products specially created to care for tattooed skin and is looking for inspiration to design the pack. Can you help?


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