Supercharged premium dairy milk Contest Ended

Invent a new specialty natural dairy milk product that provides health, well-being or pure indulgence to Australian young families!

Contest ended on November 19, 2019
Graphic Design - Creative Writing

While drinking dairy milk was an important habit for decades, Australian young families are now consuming more and more specialty unflavored dairy milk. They are looking for more health, wellness or indulgence than their current dairy milk provides. Because consumers are still wanting an amazing taste and texture experience, some of these specialty milks offer this with greater mouthfeel, better texture and enjoyment. Specialty milks are healthier than regular milk, resulting in a better milk overall in both taste and gut health. 

That’s why today our sponsor, one of the top dairy processors in Australia, wants to create a brand of premium enhanced A2 (Jersey) milk products for young families that fit with their values and set the new standard in unflavored specialty milk. Should it be about ultimate health and wellbeing or pure indulgence, they need your help to identify the optimal product enhancements (ingredients, taste/texture effects, total consumption experience etc) to the natural A2 (Jersey) milk base and  design the branding claims and package to suit. Can you help?

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