New TV experience Contest Ended

Delight consumers with a totally new TV experience!

Contest ended on October 29, 2019
Graphic Design - Illustration - Creative Writing

We all consider our home as the perfect place to chill, relax and have fun. This is what we call home entertainment: playing computer games, listening to music, reading books, playing cards, storytelling, watching videos, etc. People like it because they want to relax, to learn something new, or to have background for instance.

That’s why watching TV is one of the most appreciated entertainment at home: should it be about watching or listening to something, playing, learning, etc., we all love to have the TV on.

And today, our sponsor, the preferred premium home appliance brand in Europe, is willing to provide a new kind of enjoyable time to consumers with an easy-to-use solution for a new TV experience. Can you help?

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