Re-Invent Green Tea For More Occasions Contest Ended

Create distinctively new ways to delight Japanese green tea consumers

Contest ended on June 17, 2019
Illustration - Creative Writing

Green tea is still one of the most popular beverages and is strongly rooted in the daily lives of Japanese people from all ages and backgrounds. Green tea is also an iconic experience, traditionally consumed at home, brewed in a nice teapot and served hot in Yunomi, the traditional Japanese tea cups.

Of course, green tea consumption has evolved and is now available in ready-to-drink formats from supermarkets or vending machines, in different flavors and varieties and even served in famous coffee chains across the country.

Our sponsor is one of the most popular beverage brands in Japan and they want to help Japanese people enjoy green tea more often by inventing new complete-product experiences. The way it is consumed and consumer behaviors are shifting, and they would like to imagine how this could apply to green tea. Can you help?


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