A new place to play for Ben & Jerry’s! Contest Ended

To all Ice Cream Lovers - Help Ben & Jerry’s find a new category to play in and create a new proposition for people who care about the planet as much as they care about the things they consume.

Contest ended on May 01, 2019
Illustration - Creative Writing - Label & Package Design

All around the world, ice cream is a true delight for everyone: it’s yummy, refreshing and gourmand at the same time. On a stick, in a pot or a cone, we all love having a nice ice cream from time to time!

Today, we are facing many changes that have an impact on the way we eat and drink, and ice cream consumption is affected by those changes. What people eat, why, when, where, and how they eat is the subject of significant consumer change. People are eating more on the go, with fragmented meal occasions, eating multiple “mini meals” throughout the day and building new rituals. 

That’s why Ben & Jerry’s, famous for its ethical sourcing of ingredients, needs your help. The brand is looking to stretch into other relevant categories such as e.g. chocolate, biscuits and drinks, introducing new products and services without being limited to ice cream. Can you help?

Create a new Ben & Jerry’s proposition that will help the brand to push its boundaries beyond ice cream!

Format: Easy Submission Form - Visual + answers

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