Sustainable Fabric Care Contest Ended

Invent new, sustainable Fabric Care Solutions to make clothes ‘ready to go again’.

Contest ended on December 10, 2018
Illustration - Creative Writing

When laundry detergents were first introduced at the beginning of the 20th century, the focus was all on keeping colours bright and washing whites whiter than white. More recently, we’ve seen many laundry product innovations, such as tablets and capsules, that focus on making the laundry more convenient.

Today more and more people take a more responsible approach when it comes to choosing laundry products, because of the amount of water needed and their impact on the environment. Many people are more aware about the harmful effect of chemicals on their health and well-being in general. They chose eco-friendly products and solutions that leverage the power of nature.

Our sponsor, a global consumer goods brand, would like you to think about how these trends (Sustainability, Super Nature and Wellness) will change laundry products between now and 2030.

Create a completely new, sustainable fabric care solution based on the latest trends that people will love.

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