Sustainable Lipton Ice Tea Packaging Contest Ended

Invent breakthrough ideas for Lipton Ice Tea so we can enjoy it without the need of a plastic bottle.

Contest ended on November 14, 2018
Creative Writing - Label & Package Design

Lipton Ice Tea is a fun, optimistic brand providing a ‘better for you’ tasty refreshment with tea. It is a loved brand amongst Millennials, who like the multisensorial Ice Tea experience that naturally awakens your body, mind and spirit. Unfortunately, with every bottled Ice Tea we drink, we end up with an empty plastic bottle.

Although plastic is praised for its convenience and hygiene protection, people are aware it threatens our increasingly fragile ecosystems. As the impact of plastic pollution becomes more and more visible, people around the world feel the need to engage in a more sustainable way of life. While tea is an inherently sustainable drink that is brewed at the point of consumption, bottled ice tea requires a bottle and shipping also has a big environmental impact.

Lipton Ice Tea is committed to bringing to consumers sustainable solutions and innovations. The brand has already launched multiple initiatives to reduce or recycle packaging. Now we need your creativity to think how it could use significantly less plastic packaging.

Can you help Lipton Ice Tea to come up with novel and breakthrough ideas to enjoy Ice Tea without the need of a plastic bottle?

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