Bold packaging for a big Doritos buzz Contest Ended

Create a special edition of the Doritos packaging and create a buzz!

What you need to know when accepting the Rules

Below are 9 important points about the Rules. Don’t forget to read the whole document before joining Bold packaging for a big Doritos buzz contest.

  1. eÿeka is organizing a contest on behalf of a Company which will acquire the intellectual property rights on some of the submissions, in the terms set forth in the rules.
  2. The contest consists of making creative submissions. You must not submit illicit content.
  3. Before participating in the contest, you must accept the rules.
  4. Unless provided otherwise, the contest is open to anyone with no restriction of age or place of residence. Minors’ participation is subject to parent approval though.
  5. Winning submissions will be selected by the Company pursuant to the following criteria: quality of execution, narration, relevance to the brief and originality of the submission.
  6. The winners of a contest assign to the Company all of their intellectual property rights in their submission, for the legal duration of protection, on an exclusive and worldwide basis.
  7. The assignment agreement is signed between each winner and eÿeka acting in the name and on behalf of the Company.
  8. The winners have limited rights to use their work. They can’t use their work for commercial distribution, sale or any commercial purposes. They must keep their work and, in the case of unbranded contest, the identification details of the Company as confidential. With the Company’s prior consent, winners may use their work for non-commercial purpose: portfolio, broadcasting on personal Internet website, or through personal account on video sharing website or social network websites.
  9. The prizes are the total amounts due by the Company to the winners of the contest. It will be paid by eÿeka to the Payoneer account of the winners.
The Rules of the contest

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