Give us a peek into the future of modern small stores!

Contest ended on December 03, 2017
Illustration - Creative Writing

Modern small stores are self-service stores set in a space of 150-500 square meters, offering food and grocery products, often with services like petroleum, cash dispensing and mobile phone top-up.  They add a lot of value to our everyday lives thanks to their proximity, convenience and speed. Every few years, stores evolve with the addition of new technology, introduction of new formats and rethinking their proposition in order to address emerging consumer needs, making the shopping experience more engaging, speedy and efficient. With changes and evolution happening in past decade and future disruptors coming (development of AI, digital technologies, rapid growth of online retail), how will small stores evolve 15-20 years into the future? How will they keep themselves relevant and attractive for shoppers? Get ready to be a visionary and give us a peak into the future of modern small stores!

Be a visionary and show us how modern small stores will evolve in their store design, product range, experience and technology to be relevant and exciting for future shopper.

Format: Presentation with store design/visuals and text based on template provided – Maximum 3 pages per entry (besides visuals, you can also provide schemes, store plans etc.).