The Millennials Playground Contest Ended

Invent an exciting new game or offering that will appeal to Millennials!

Contest ended on September 17, 2017
Graphic Design - Creative Writing

There are many games and offerings that give people the opportunity to win money. They can be skills based games (sports betting, wagering, casino games) and games of chance (lotteries, raffles, scratchies). To keep participating regularly in games of chance, it needs to emotionally connect with the person. This is even more true for Millennials (18-34-year-olds). So this will be true for a lot of you. Millennials don’t find relevance in the way lotteries are played, which are pure luck based and the prizes offered are also just big dollar amounts. They value experiences over material possessions and prefer to live a ‘rich full life’ instead of ‘a life full of riches’. They want to be able to put their skills to use to win a game and derive a sense of achievement. Can you help invent a new game or offering for Australian lotteries aimed at Millennials which will give them an opportunity to win money, experiences or other prize offerings?

Invent a new game or offering aimed at Millennials which will provide excitement, sociability and a sense of achievement and help them win money, experiences or other prize offerings