ZoOSh makes anything interesting - VDO Contest Ended

ZoOSh turns boring food into something more interesting and makes you do the ‘Yummy Face’.

Contest ended on February 12, 2017
Video - Animation

ZoOSh is a salad dressings, dips and mayonnaise brand from Australia. If you love fresh food but think it’s often boring and predictable, ZoOSh is THE brand you need. Its unique, creative flavor combinations will unlock pleasure in your fresh food and make you feel more adventurous. For a picnic lunch, a barbeque dinner or any other outdoor entertaining occasions, ZoOSh is the ideal partner to bring fun into your salad, meat & sandwiches and makes you do the ‘Yummy Face’.

ZoOSh needs your help again. They loved the video you made last year and want to challenge you again to come up with a cheeky, honest and fun video which will focus on events where ZoOSh and food is integral and through its creative flavor combinations, ZoOSh makes salads, meat, burgers, sandwiches even more interesting, making you do the ‘Yummy Face’.

They want your cheeky, honest and fun video to reinterpret the Yummy Face TVC and show the world why ZoOSh is the ideal partner to add fun to your salads, meat, burgers and sandwiches.

Through a cheeky, honest and fun 15 to 30 seconds video, show us how ZoOSh makes food more interesting and makes people do the ‘Yummy Face’.

Format: Video – 15 to 30 seconds