Running on Duracell video Contest Ended

Celebrate the unstoppable energy of Duracell in an emotional way!

Contest ended on December 26, 2016
Video - Animation

Duracell, the world’s leading battery brand, has been selling long lasting batteries for more than 50 years. 

But Duracell is realizing that to consumers, it is more than just a battery, and the Duracell Pink Bunny is so much more than a brand mascot. Across the world, the Duracell Pink Bunny is part of people’s vernacular, meaning unstoppable energy & a winning spirit. 

Duracell wants to explore a communications platform that interprets this unstoppable energy on an emotional level. Duracell calls this “Running on Duracell.” 

Can you do it in an emotional short video? 

In a 45 second video, WOW us with your idea to communicate the dynamic, joyous emotion that is a “Running on Duracell” feeling! 

FORMAT: A 45-second video