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New Medecines for Africa

€2,500 Creative Writing - Illustration

New Medecines for Africa

Invent a new and innovative health care concept/idea to empower African middle class consumers to take care of their health proactively.

Pantene - Extreme repair for severely damaged hair

Create an ingenious, out of this world torture test to convince women about the miracle effects of Pantene 3MM conditioner on hair that has been subjected to extreme conditions.

Chaussée aux Moines - A video on the love of good food

Imagine a fun video, that people will want to share, to show that Chaussée aux Moines is an irresistible, friendly and resolutely modern cheese, around the idea of "Sorry, but its too good !".

Universal Free Transportation

€6,000 Creative Writing - Illustration

Universal Free Transportation

Imagine a self-sustaining, fare-free system that transports anyone living, working or visiting urban center in 2050.

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Kids Choose Water

€7,500 Creative Writing - Illustration

Kids Choose Water
114Medias submitted
86Medias accepted

BIC 4Colours Video

€20,000 Creative Writing - Video

BIC 4Colours Video
119Medias submitted
84Medias accepted