Live Contests

Florette - Snacking

€5,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration - Label & Package Design

Come up with a brand new idea for a healthy and delicious salad meal (using salad or cut raw vegetables) that busy people can really enjoy without sacrificing either the joy of eating or a balanced diet.

Tip Top Café

€24,000 | Animation - Video

Create a genuine, light-hearted and a little tongue-in-cheek video to show busy people what could happen when Tip Top Café fruit breads bring the café mood into their everyday!


€20,000 | Video

Show us your favorite places or experiences in your neighbourhood, and delight visitors with a peek into your world of interesting and unexpected little things. Share the joy you get when you feel like you belong somewhere.

BAM - Pitch the next videos

€28,000 | Video

Pitch us your thrilling and entertaining story that shows how BAM eliminates grease to improve people's lives, truly benefitting them and their communities.

SK-II - China Luxury

€15,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration

Create fresh and engaging digital, mobile, outdoor, in-store, or event ideas that will make SK-II the most desired premium skincare brand in the eyes of modern, affluent women in China.

Lay's: Pitch the next video

€31,000 | Animation - Video

Invent a story about Lay’s irresistibility and how they will make you break conventions or change plans and “pitch” it to us by describing or sketching the key visual and story elements.

Past Contests

Ariel - Moments of clean

€2,500 | Creative Writing - Illustration

eYeka Express Ariel - Moments of clean
432 Challengers
118 Participants
274 Medias submitted
147 Medias accepted

SK-II Ideas for Change

€2,500 | Creative Writing - Illustration

eYeka Express SK-II Ideas for Change
317 Challengers
58 Participants
90 Medias submitted
56 Medias accepted

€5,000 | Creative Writing - Graphic Design - Illustration

895 Challengers
211 Participants
577 Medias submitted
257 Medias accepted

Loving Lay's

€5,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration - Script Writing

622 Challengers
131 Participants
247 Medias submitted
100 Medias accepted

Seriously Strong Cheese

€5,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration - Label & Package Design

564 Challengers
99 Participants
160 Medias submitted
94 Medias accepted

Pond's Cold Cream

€10,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration

880 Challengers
143 Participants
342 Medias submitted
144 Medias accepted

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