Live Contests

Young Lions Health Award

€0 | Creative Writing - Video

Calling all advertising and marketing professionals: Get noticed and contribute to a good cause by participating in The Young Lions Health Award in association with UNICEF and Unilever.

Loving Lay's

€5,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration - Script Writing

Invent fun and unexpected stories that bring to life how Lay’s potato chips are irresistible and that when you (or the hero of your idea) see them, you want them!

€5,000 | Creative Writing - Graphic Design - Illustration

Stop passers-by in their tracks by creating a print ad for, the website and mobile app that makes infidelity for married people easy, simple and secure.

The Power of Fragrance

€7,500 | Creative Writing - Illustration

Write an original, insightful and creative illustrated story about how a woman is transformed by fine fragrances from her body wash.

Children have different nutritional needs at each stage of their growth and, similarly, mums face different challenges too. Featuring Frisian Flag Infant & Toddler Nutrition, pitch us your story about overcoming the everyday challenges of motherhood.

Arthritis patients support

€5,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration

Create a clever solution to help people with rheumatoid arthritis, emotionally or physically.

Tip Top Café

€24,000 | Animation - Video

Create a genuine, light-hearted and a little tongue-in-cheek video to show busy people what could happen when Tip Top Café fruit breads bring the café mood into their everyday!

Past Contests

HUGO next generation

€10,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration - Label & Package Design

923 Challengers
213 Participants
386 Medias submitted
156 Medias accepted

My Dream Bank Branch

€5,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration

606 Challengers
91 Participants
116 Medias submitted
46 Medias accepted

V - Energy Green

€10,000 | Label & Package Design

1019 Challengers
192 Participants
315 Medias submitted
174 Medias accepted

Easy-Off BAM

€2,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration

458 Challengers
106 Participants
166 Medias submitted
104 Medias accepted


€6,000 | Creative Writing - Graphic Design - Illustration

766 Challengers
194 Participants
394 Medias submitted
133 Medias accepted

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