Live Contests

Your Place

€7,000 | Graphic Design

Create an original poster with one strong visual to show that your shopping centre understands your little quirks, habits and wonders so well that it is YOUR PLACE.

Yummiest Chocolate Milk

€10,000 | Video - Animation

How to convince a kid to get his hands on the yummiest chocolate milk in the world? Create an unexpected, surprising and extraordinary video/animation about what happens when a "greedy" kid comes across a cup of Dutch Lady's yummy chocolate milk.

Mobile Data-sharing Plan

€5,000 | Graphic Design - Creative Writing

1 week left to impress us with your poster design. You can share your data plan with others & just ONE data plan for ALL your devices! Design an appealing print ad to bring this idea to life & tell us your idea of a perfect mobile data-sharing plan.

Toys with Duracell

€20,000 | Video - Animation

Create a “social” video that shows how Duracell batteries enable kids to be active longer and have more fun, while dramatizing the amazing longevity of Duracell in toys.

Lee Kum Kee Video

€15,000 | Video - Animation

Do you love peking duck, dumplings or spicy tofu? Remember those joyous moments when you taste these delicious Chinese dishes? Bring to life these moments in our Lee Kum Kee condiments video contest. Need inspiration? ==>

Nestlé Good Lifers

€10,000 | Creative Writing

Help people in their fifties have a better life with Nestlé! Show us how Nestlé can help “Good-lifers” make the most of their life through an innovative and groundbreaking idea for products, services or devices focused on health and nutrition.

New Herta Dough

€10,000 | Creative Writing

Invent what’s next for chilled dough. Create a new chilled dough product to be cooked or baked to delight families with the sensorial pleasures of homemade food .

Sk-II Festive Gift

€10,000 | Label & Package Design

Create a story about how SK-II Facial Treatment Essence gives a young professional the captivating positive force he/she needs to radiate during the festive season, and illustrate it with an outstanding and original packaging design that will get noticed.

Past Contests

7 Up Design

€5,000 | Graphic Design

1442 Challengers
341 Participants
750 Medias submitted
224 Medias accepted

Durex Stretch

€10,000 | Illustration - Creative Writing

942 Challengers
173 Participants
289 Medias submitted
79 Medias accepted

New Cognac Drink

€5,000 | Creative Writing - Label & Package Design

442 Challengers
60 Participants
89 Medias submitted
45 Medias accepted


Pringles Video

€18,500 | Video - Animation

1001 Challengers
202 Participants
363 Medias submitted
152 Medias accepted

Pringles Poster

€6,500 | Graphic Design - Illustration

1864 Challengers
368 Participants
901 Medias submitted
254 Medias accepted

Nescafé Gift

€8,000 | Creative Writing - Label & Package Design

957 Challengers
167 Participants
250 Medias submitted
73 Medias accepted

Doritos video

€20,000 | Video - Animation

561 Challengers
44 Participants
62 Medias submitted
23 Medias accepted


€25,000 | Graphic Design - Video - Illustration - Animation

960 Challengers
121 Participants
211 Medias submitted
103 Medias accepted

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