Live Contests

Disruptive treatment for RA

€7,500 | Creative Writing - Illustration

Create an impactful print ad that introduces RUMHATOP to rheumatologists. The ad will convince them that they now have a groundbreaking treatment with a tailored strength that patients truly deserve.


€6,000 | Creative Writing - Graphic Design - Illustration

Create a print ad to convince men and women in their fifties that they should drink Ensure, a nutritional shake.

Easy-Off BAM

€2,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration

Tell us your idea for creating the wildest and over-the-top product demonstration for showing BAM's blasting power BAM against grease.

Aeroméxico Videos

€25,000 | Video

In a short and impactful video, tell us powerful and heartwarming stories of the last time you’ve felt united to someone thanks to a travel by air.

Big Mac & Chicken McNuggets

€10,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration

Wow us with the most inventive and clever ideas on how to modernize the Big Mac and/or Chicken McNuggets’ iconic experience by being more relevant to people’s needs and expectations of real and fresh food.

V - Energy Green

€10,000 | Label & Package Design

Rock our world by creating the ultimate package for V Energy Green Drink that would give those in their early 20s the most awesome experience possible.

My Future Bank Branch

€5,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration

Staying true to the values of solidarity and local grounding of Crédit Agricole, tell us stories of what experience your branch will provide, in the future.

Share to Care

€15,000 | Video

Create an inspirational story that will convince cancer patients to voice out their pain to their doctors and loved ones, so that they can get better treatment and be released of their symptoms.

Young Lions Health Award

€0 | Creative Writing - Video

Calling all advertising and marketing professionals: Get noticed and contribute to a good cause by participating in The Young Lions Health Award in association with UNICEF and Unilever.

Past Contests

Royco - office break

€2,500 | Creative Writing - Illustration

487 Challengers
92 Participants
159 Medias submitted
75 Medias accepted


€5,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration

469 Challengers
70 Participants
124 Medias submitted
44 Medias accepted

Kirin Beer

€5,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration

670 Challengers
60 Participants
84 Medias submitted
60 Medias accepted


Lesieur Graphic Design

€5,000 | Graphic Design - Illustration - Label & Package Design

784 Challengers
103 Participants
179 Medias submitted
64 Medias accepted


€7,500 | Graphic Design - Illustration

1191 Challengers
216 Participants
315 Medias submitted
238 Medias accepted

Clear Japan Men

€5,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration

396 Challengers
58 Participants
76 Medias submitted
35 Medias accepted

Clear Japan Women

€5,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration

373 Challengers
63 Participants
85 Medias submitted
48 Medias accepted

Clear Japan Video

€10,000 | Animation - Video

214 Challengers
19 Participants
21 Medias submitted
14 Medias accepted

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