Live Contests

Help people who suffer

€5,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration

Create a clever solution to help people with rheumatoid arthritis, emotionally or physically.

Kellogg's new product

€5,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration

Invent new cereals products for breakfast or any time of the day that fit into one of the followings trends: detox, heritage and provenance. Tell us about the product and create a packaging.

Florette - Snacking

€5,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration

Come up with a brand new idea for a healthy and delicious salad meal (using salad or cut raw vegetables) that busy people can really enjoy without sacrificing either the joy of eating or a balanced diet.

Tip Top Café

€24,000 | Animation - Video

Create a genuine, light-hearted and a little tongue-in-cheek video to show busy people what could happen when Tip Top Café fruit breads bring the café mood into their everyday!


€20,000 | Video

Show us your favorite places or experiences in your neighbourhood, and delight visitors with a peek into your world of interesting and unexpected little things. Share the joy you get when you feel like you belong somewhere.

BAM - Pitch the next videos

€28,000 | Video

Pitch us your thrilling and entertaining story that shows how BAM eliminates grease to improve people's lives, truly benefitting them and their communities.

SK-II - China Luxury

€15,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration

Create fresh and engaging digital, mobile, outdoor, in-store, or event ideas that will make SK-II the most desired premium skincare brand in the eyes of modern, affluent women in China.

Past Contests

Ariel - Moments of clean

€2,500 | Creative Writing - Illustration

eYeka Express Ariel - Moments of clean
432 Challengers
118 Participants
274 Medias submitted
147 Medias accepted

SK-II Ideas for Change

€2,500 | Creative Writing - Illustration

eYeka Express SK-II Ideas for Change
317 Challengers
58 Participants
90 Medias submitted
56 Medias accepted

€5,000 | Creative Writing - Graphic Design - Illustration

895 Challengers
211 Participants
577 Medias submitted
257 Medias accepted

Loving Lay's

€5,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration - Script Writing

622 Challengers
131 Participants
247 Medias submitted
100 Medias accepted

Seriously Strong Cheese

€5,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration - Label & Package Design

564 Challengers
99 Participants
160 Medias submitted
94 Medias accepted

Pond's Cold Cream

€10,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration

880 Challengers
143 Participants
342 Medias submitted
144 Medias accepted

HUGO next generation

€10,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration - Label & Package Design

923 Challengers
213 Participants
386 Medias submitted
156 Medias accepted

My Dream Bank Branch

€5,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration

606 Challengers
91 Participants
116 Medias submitted
46 Medias accepted

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