Live Contests

Deos - On my Own Terms

€6,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration

Invent a deodorising solution 1) that you can adapt to your needs or tastes or 2) that intelligently responds to triggers from your body activity or immediate environment.

Deos - Biological Enhancement

€6,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration

Invent a revolutionary solution that uses human biology to manage sweat and odour, and restore delicate underarm skin.

Gerber Organic baby food

€6,500 | Creative Writing - Illustration - Label & Package Design

Create a print ad that wins the hearts and minds of mums to convince them to buy Gerber Organic baby food.

Downy/Lenor Allergy Protection

€2,500 | Creative Writing - Illustration

eYeka Express Downy/Lenor Allergy Protection

Make Downy/Lenor the must-have for allergy sufferers with a visual ad that shows that this liquid fabric conditioner can easily repel allergens from clothes.

Knorr Snacking

€5,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration

Reinvent the way Knorr communicates its hot savoury snacks range so that it stands out in from the competition in a way that is uniquely Knorr.

SK-II - Pitera Counter

€8,000 | Graphic Design - Label & Package Design

Redesign SK-II beauty counter and stop women in their tracks by featuring SK-II’s Pitera™ in a visually arresting way that will make them curious to find out more about the brand and its products. EUR 8,000 prize money!

Felix - Clever Cats

€20,000 | Video

Put a smile on people’s faces and surprise us with the clever things your cat can do especially well, that’s unique to him.

NESCAFÉ Red Cup Machine

€7,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration

Help NESCAFÉ entice young coffee lovers to bring the enjoyment of café style coffee home with them when they take a NESCAFÉ Red Cup Machine off the shelf.

New Deo Delivery

€6,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration - Label & Package Design

Change the way deodorants are delivered and/or used, by choosing one of the following trends: 1) Technology 2) Convergence 3) Local Solutions.


€17,000 | Animation - Video

In a creative and surprising way, reinvent the way Whisper communicates how its product works, in a way that shows femininity and emotion that is relevant to today’s young women.

Past Contests


€7,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration

684 Challengers
118 Participants

Knorr Innovation

€2,500 | Creative Writing - Illustration

eYeka Express Knorr Innovation
372 Challengers
65 Participants
152 Medias submitted
92 Medias accepted


€5,000 | Photography

eYeka Express #Goodweird
525 Challengers
164 Participants
644 Medias submitted
518 Medias accepted


€20,000 | Video

941 Challengers
108 Participants
154 Medias submitted
81 Medias accepted

SK-II - China Luxury

€15,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration

705 Challengers
121 Participants
228 Medias submitted
122 Medias accepted

Florette - Snacking

€5,000 | Creative Writing - Illustration - Label & Package Design

756 Challengers
111 Participants
180 Medias submitted
89 Medias accepted

Tip Top Café

€24,000 | Animation - Video

747 Challengers
61 Participants
77 Medias submitted
52 Medias accepted

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