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Keisukeitoc is a Creative Animator and one of eYeka's best creators

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Stéphanie Hajjar

Stéphanie Hajjar

Head of Eco-system Innovation

eYeka generated the same level of ideas in 3 weeks as a top innovation agency in 3 months and a top design school in 6 months.


#1 prize (Design) in Hyundai Brilliant Experience's contest.

I strongly believe in the power and the beauty of ideas. Besides winning the contest, I am very glad to know that my idea has been a source of inspiration for Hyundai.


#2 prize (Video) in Coca-Cola - First times's contest.

The eYeka team is always super attentive, it’s like a small audiovisual family.
Stéphane Joly

Stéphane Joly

CMO, CarrefourSA Turkey

I am really delighted by the quality of the work that has been delivered by eYeka’s community. It has been above my highest expectations.
Sophie Labbe

Sophie Labbe

Brand Director at Kraft Foods

Both in term of number of proposals and quality of execution, [the community] gave us a lot of insights in terms of how to position our Mini-Oreo.


Additional prize in Purina's contest.

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